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All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Society

4th All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Conference ..... Scientific Sessions.

At the end Dr. Tufail Muhammad gave the final words of appreciation about the conference. He said it was real pleasure to be a part of such wonderful and well organized event and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal and his dedicated team deserve all the appreciation for this hard work.

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4th All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Conference ..... Inauguration Session.

Conference was a joint venture of five leading societies from Faisalabad. These were all Pakistan Diabetes and Endocrine Society, Pakistan Hypertension league, Pakistan Pediatric Association and Emed.

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Awareness Walk on World Diabetes Day 2010

This was stated by speakers at a walk organised by the Diabetes Pakistan and Medicine Department of the Punjab Medical College (PMC) to create awareness among masses about the disease here on Saturday, 13.11.2010.

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Diabetes Awareness Week by emed

Each year, more than 3 million people die from diabetes-related causes. The burden is particularly harsh in countries like Pakistan where rise in Diabetes is 180% per year.

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All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Society (APDES)

The history of diabetes is supposedly started in approximately 1550 BC. An Egyptian papyrus mentions a rare disease that causes the patient to lose weight rapidly and urinate frequently. This is thought to be the first reference to the disease.

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