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Diabetes Awareness Week by emed

Each year, more than 3 million people die from diabetes-related causes. The burden is particularly harsh in countries like Pakistan where rise in Diabetes is 180% per year. Here many children with type 1 diabetes die, because they lack access to life-saving insulin and where the majority pay for their healthcare from their own pocket to the detriment of the family budget.


The overwhelming costs of the disease threaten to stunt economic growth and undermine the benefits of improved standards of living and education. The countries who least can afford it will bear the greatest share of the burden. To do nothing in the face of the emerging crisis, to ignore its seriousness, or to dismiss its impact is foolhardy and irresponsible. The World Diabetes Day 2006 campaign will address diabetes in disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups. The campaign slogan is:

”Diabetes in the disadvantaged and the vulnerable”

emed & Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Society (Faisalabad Chapter) in line with World Diabetes Foundation, International Diabetes Federation & United Nation Resolution for Diabetes are held a Diabetes Awareness Week for General Public, Doctors, Students, Nurses & Paramedical Staff from November 6th to November 14th 2006.







Monday November   6th

Jinnah Garden Fsd,

2:30 PM

Awareness Health Camp .


Tuesday November   7th

CPC Room Allied Hospital Fsd.

11:00 AM

Awareness Lecture for Doctors.

Wednesday November 8th

D-Ground Park Fsd.


2:30 PM

Awareness Health Camp.


Thursday November 9th

Clock Tower Faisalabad.

2:30 PM

Mass Awareness “Door to Door--in the Heart of Business Center Faisalabad Clock Tower”

Friday November 10th 

PMC Auditorium

9:30 AM

Awareness Lecture for Public & Ten Training  Camps for Doctors & Public

Saturday November 11th

Medical Unit-III Allied Hospital Fsd.

12:00 PM

Workshop for Doctors. on How to Convince People toward Healthier life Style

Sunday November 12th

Head Office All Pakistan Diabetic & Endocrine Society Faisalabad.

12:00 PM

Meeting of emed Executive Council for Next Year Planning.

Monday November 13th

College of Paramedics Faisalabad.


Lecture On “Role of Paramedics in Prevention & Treatment of Diabetes”

Posted on Oct 15, 2008
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