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Coordinated School Health Program

Emed comes up to the Modern Needs of the Students on Dental Health & Care.

         Coordinated School Health Program of emed started in 2004 & in the last six years, the global platform has accomplished very significant achievements in the program.


On Tuesday, 14.12.2010, the Undergraduate Emed members from Dental Department of Punjab Medical College under the charge of Dr Sania Arshad added new chapter in the program by using all the teaching techniques to organize an impressive show on ‘Dental Health & Care’ in Beacon House School, New Civil Lines, Faisalabad, Pakistan. The administration of the school were really impressed by alternate between active and inactive approaches, use of music, art, repetition, visual aids, memory drills and individual activities.


The activity was the result of a written request by the Headmistress of the school and Coordinator of Emed in Beacon House School for the last 6 years, Mrs Zainab Rafiq to the Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Riaz Hussian Dub who appreciated the activity of Emed and allowed the team to visit the school with a message for the teachers & the parents:


“The oral problems can impact self-esteem for children and lead to problems in eating, speaking and attending to learning. Common dental problems seen in children are cavities and gingivitis, which is found in the majority of Pakistani children. When these problems are not caught early and treated, they can develop into more severe problems and cause unnecessary suffering. So, establish good oral health habits early. Check child's mouth for any signs of gum disease, including bleeding gums, swollen and bright red gums. And make sure that child consumes a balanced diet” …. (Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Riaz Hussain Dub)

Children ranging from 2 ½ years to 7 years attended the activity which started with a nice presentation by Dr Sania Arshad entitled ‘Oral Health & the Lemony Lion’. Children were very interested in small questions as why do we need teeth? why baby teeth are necessary? and the story of Lemony King, who was king of the jungle & lost its teeth.

Emed undergraduate members including Farrukh, Bilal Javed, Ammara & Khizra had prepared & collected charts, songs on dental care & the movies on learning objectives of dental health. Children were especially receptive to Farrukh who in the get up of a joker won the attention of the audience including school teachers.

Mrs Zainab Rafiq was highly impressed of the emerging generations in Emed. She appreciated the effort of Dr Sania Arshad & her team. The take home message of the team for the teachers was:


“If the teachers could be educated about the basic health issues, they can be the first ones to not only identify the high-risk students but to also refer them to the right health professionals” …. Dr Sania Arshad & her team

On the success of the event, highly jubilant & motivated Emed team wished to continue the activity in other schools too.

Posted on Dec 19, 2010
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