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1st Twin Free Health Camp by Emed – In the Populated Area of Ghulam Muhammad Abad.

         One of the most demanded activities of Emed and All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Society (APDES) by the general public is free screening health camp & medical advice. In 2011, Emed and APDES strike another mile stone by arranging twin camps at the same time. One in Government Girls College & the other at The General Hospital – both spots in Ghulam Muhammad Abad, a thickly populated area of Faisalabad city.

The twin camps were organized on Monday, 31.1.2011 at 9:30 a.m. in which free screening tests on sugar, cholesterol, vitamin D, Body Mass Index (BMI), Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and Calcium were done & a team of doctors from Medical Unit-II, Allied Hospital & Emed doctors gave free medical advice.

District Coordinator Girl Guides Mrs Shamim Rana, District Trainer Mrs Amna Ehsan & Principal of the Girls College Mrs Imtiaz Rauf coordinated the activity in the college where President Emed & APDES Prof Ahmad Bilal delivered a lecture to the students on ‘Healthy Life Style’. It was alarming to note that few students were taking balanced diet & only few were following the healthy life style. Prof Bilal stressed upon the important guidelines & all the students promised to follow those.

In their address, the coordinators thanked the emed team & appreciated their efforts to create health awareness especially in school & college going children.

The camp in General Hospital was coordinated by the Medical Superintendent Dr Abbas Ahmad who showed enthusiasm in providing additional facility of screening tests & specialist advice to the public.

Prof Ahmad Bilal & Dr Khurram Raja visited the populated camp & discovered 55 new cases of increased sugar levels & 32 new cases of increased blood pressure, who did not know about their disease before taking the screening tests. One young girl was diagnosed as severely hypothyroid. Majority of the patients were not observing the criteria of balanced diet.

Dr Abbas was willing to organize such camps in the future too & Emed officials promised for that.


Posted on Feb 21, 2011
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