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4th All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Conference ..... Scientific Sessions.

4th All Pakistan Diabetes and Endocrine Conference.


Scientific sessions started on 15th May, 2011 in hall A at 9:00 am. These were divided into 5 sessions. Four of these were before lunch and one session was post lunch.


1st scientific session was based on the theme that Diabetes Is A Cardiovascular Disease.

Dr. Jahangir sheikh moderated the session. Prof. Dr. Mehmood-Ul-Hasan Noori, Prof. Dr. Yousuf Kamal Mirza chaired the session.

Session comprised of five lectures delivered by the leading cardiologists from different cities. Prof. Dr. Naeeem Aslam discussed how diabetes affects  cardiovascular system. Then Prof. Dr. Masood Ahmed showed quite some amazing images of radiological patterns of cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients. 3rd lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Mohsin Nazeer in which he beautifully depicted the comparison between the results of per-cutaneous coronary intervention and coronary artery by pass grafting in peoples with diabetes. 4th lecture was delivered by  Prof. Dr. Ishaq on Hypertension a Major Health Challenge. 5th lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Chauhdhary  on follow up of people with diabetes with cardiovascular disease.


2nd scientific session started on 10:00 am. 

The session was moderated by Dr. Muhammad Shahid Dogar. The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Tasneeem Cheema, Prof. Dr. Sadia Khan and Dr. Amir Hussain. There were total of three lectures in the session. Prof. Dr. Arif Tajammal delivered his state of the art lecture regarding recent updates in management of endometriosis. Prof. Dr. Jamal Zafar gave an excellent deliberation on Syndrome X plus in diabetes mellitus. Then Prof. Dr. Yousuf Kamal Mirza discussed the paradigm shift in the management of diabetes mellitus. The audience really enjoyed his witty remarks during the lecture.


3rd scientific session was a bit delayed. It started on 11:30 am.

Dr. Ali Saqib moderated the session. Prof. Dr. Hina Ayesha, and Prof. Dr.Naeem Aslam and Prof. Dr. Nusrat Ullah Chauhdhary were the chairpersons. The session started with the oration of Dr. Abbas Raza who talked about carbohydrate counting in people with diabetes mellitus. Prof . Dr. Syeda Batool Mazhar delivered her lecture in this session. She talked about prevention and treatment of pregnanncy induced hypertension. Then Prof. Dr. Tahir Masood’s deliberation regarding hypertension in children caught the attention of the audience. After that Prof. Dr. Saqib Siddique gave recent updates about polycystic ovarian syndrome.


4th session started on 12:30 pm.

Dr. Asif Janjua was the moderator. Prof. Dr. Gen.Rtd. Badshah Gull, Prof. Dr.Saqib Siddique and Prof. Dr. Jamal Zafar  chaired the session. Session started with presentation of Prof. Dr. Athar Javed about the recent advances in the management of  peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes. He emphasized on the role of pregabalin in peripheral neuropathy. The next lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Nusratullah Chauhdhary regarding the management of type II diabetes mellitus in ramadan. His messgae was how we can manage an excellent glycemic control during ramadan. The last lecture was by the man of the hour Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal who discussed his novel ideas about the pan epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in our country. His message was that regular exposure of arms and legs to sunlight at the sunrise and sunset can prevent Vitamin D Deficiency and so forth spectrum of diseases associated with Vitamin D Deficiency. Prof. Dr. Nasir Saeed Khan talked about endocrine disorder and depression-current updates.


Then the long waited lunch break came and about 2500 participant enjoyed a very delicious meal in Bahar Court Serena Hotel.



Post lunch session started at 3:00 pm.

Dr. Rizwan Rasool khan moderated the session. Dr. Tufail Muhammad, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal and Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Chauhdhary chaired the session. Prof. Dr. Aizaz Mand impressed the audience with his knowledgable approach towards management of diabteic nephropathy. Then Prof. Dr. Farrukh Zaman gave some recent updates about hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. The last lecture was a pharma sponsored symposia by novartis pharma in which Prof Dr. Zaman Sheikh elaborated the role of combination therapy in cutting down insulin resistance( DPP4 inhibitors and Metformin combination).

All these sessions were arranged in a Moarky in which seating arrangement for about 700 participants was made. it was well fasicilated with multimedia, audio-visual and air conditioning service. Despite this arrangements, many participants were standing because of shortage of seats in the 4th scientific sessions to listen  the speakers.


Hall B

A parrell  pediatric  endocrine symposia were in progress in Hall B (coffee shop).


1st  session in Hall B stared at 9:00 am moderated by Dr. Bushra Abdul Malik and chaired by Prof. Dr. Zafar Ch.  Prof Dr. Tahir Masood, Prof Dr. Asghar Butt and Dr Riaz Malik. The 1st lecture was by Prof. Dr. Taeed Butt who gave his deliberation on management of dilemma of growth hormone deficiency. The next lecture was by Prof. Dr. Jamal Raza who elaborated how to approach a child with ambiguous genitalia. Prof. Dr. Hina Ayesha delivered her lecture on adrenocortical deficiency in children in a very understandable way. The next speaker was Dr. Usama Ishtiaq. His topic was management of Graves’ Disease.


2nd session roled on at 10:00 am.

It was moderated by Dr. Maqbool Elahi Malik and chaired by Prof. Dr. Parveen Tariq, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sultan, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan, Dr. Bilal Bin Younas. and Prof Dr Raza Baloch. The 1st presentation was by Prof. Dr. Jamal Raza on obesity in children. Then Prof. Dr. Saleem Qureshi talked about obesity and diabetes. The  next lecture was by Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Yahya. He discussed the frequency of diabetes mellitus in patients with Heptitis C. Prof Dr Taeed Butt updated audience about recent advances in gynaecomastia. Dr. Muhammad Babar Imran discussed his experiences with assessment of bone mineral density with dual energy x-ray absortiometry scan.


3rd scientific sesssion  was moderated by Dr. Shahida Iftikhar and chaired by Prof. Dr. Tyyaba Waseem and Dr. Sadia Khan. The theme was pregnancy related endocrine  issues. Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Waseem provided recent updated about issues and strategies of HRT. Then the long waited lecture by Dr. Sadia Khan was delivered and she talked about ovarian aging reserves and implications including cardiovascular disease. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab discussed the role of exercise in pregnancy.

The question answer session was held at the end of each session in which audience participated zealously and were awarded with satisfactory answers.

The speakers, chairpersons, and moderators were awarded the shields of appreciation at the end of each session.


Hall C

At the same time ENT endocrine sessions were in progress in Xhulian Hall. Prof. Dr. Farooq Ahmed Mian gave a presentation on Mucormycosis and shared his local experience in Faisalabad. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Tirmazi delivered the lecture on Lingual Thyroid and shared his experience including new surgical techniques. Eighteen ENT specialists participated in this symposium.


Closing Ceromeny.

The conference was closed with the closing address of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal with the announcement of the next conference in 2013. He told that it will be research based and an award of 100,000 Rs will be given to the 1st prize winner. At the end Dr. Tufail Muhammad gave the final words of appreciation about the conference. He said it was real pleasure to be a part of such wonderful and well organized event and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal and his dedicated team deserve all the appreciation for this hard work.



Posted on Jun 11, 2011
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