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4th All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Conference ..... Inauguration Session.

4th All Pakistan Diabetes and Endocrine Conference was organized very successfully under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal in Serena hotel Faisalabad on 14th 15th may 2011.

Conference was a joint venture of five leading societies from Faisalabad. These were all Pakistan Diabetes and Endocrine Society, Pakistan Hypertension league, Pakistan Pediatric Association and Emed.

The organizing committee comprised of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal, Dr. Ghazanfar Ali Sindhu, Dr. Muhammad Owais Fazal, Dr. Fraz Saeed Qureshi, Prof. Dr. Hina Ayesha, Dr. Niamat Ali Gill, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Ch., Dr. Khurram Sohail Raja, Dr. Ahmed Zeeshan, Dr. Yasir Yaqoob, Dr. Muqaddas Shaheen, Dr. Rehan Abdullah, Dr. Muhammad Umer, Dr. Ghulam Abbas and Dr. Zaheer Ahmad.

More than twenty five hundred doctors from Faisalabad peripheries and neighboring cities were registered. These included endocrinologists, medical specialists, family physicians, general practitioners, pediatricians, obstetricians & gynecologists, and surgeons from different specialties. Seventeen Students of final year M.B; B.S were registered in this conference because they secured more than 85% marks in pre-conference test on Diabetes Mellitus. Emed members actively participated in the event. Many organizations joined hands in public awareness and candle light walk. These include Lions Club, Gardner’s Club Rescue 1122, City Traffic Wardens, Dar-ul Aman Faisalabad, Distric Jail Faisalabad. Banazir Women Crisis Cell, Kohinoor Grammar School, Becon House School, City School, Lahore Grammar School, Allied School Of Nursing,  DHQ School Of Nursing, FM 103, District Girl’s Guide Association.

The theme of the conference was “KNOW YOUR NUMBERS” and purpose was to evoke a sense of responsibility both in doctors and patients regarding a healthier life style. ”KNOW YOUR NUMBERS” was to stress to educate the patients regarding optimum, pre-food levels, post food levels, HbA1 C levels, LDL levels, HDL levels, Cholestrol levels, Abdomonal Girth and at the end but not the least optimal blood pressure levels.

The conference was dedicated to the living legend Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shera who is currently working as President International Diabetic Federation, Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for The Education Treatment and Research in Diabetes and Diabetic Pregnancies and Secretary General of Diabetes Association Of Pakistan.

On this eve, the whole Serena hotel was booked for the conference. The respected guests started arriving in the morning. They stayed at Serena hotel, Chenab Club and other hotels in the city.

Pharmaceutical companies came forth with beautiful educating and  entertaining stalls with novel ideas.

Gaurdner’s club special Activity

Gardner’s club gave gift of three plants to all the participants on demand. These include, White Jasmine the national flower of Pakistan; Day Lilly and Money Heart. At the pool side, twenty five participants arranged cut flowers on the concept of diabetes mellitus. Cash prize was given to first top three winners.

The inauguration was a big successful event and it will be remembered as a memorable event ever conducted in Serena hotel.

Conference started with the recitation of  Holy Quran and Naat-E-Rasool Maqbool. Then chairman Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal gave his presiding address. He welcomed all the honorable guests and he paid a special tribute to the chief guest Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shera for his valuable contributions and great work in the field of diabetes. He dedicated the whole conference to Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shera. After that he highlighted the services that All Pakistan Diabetes and Endocrine Society is rendering to the people. It includes a  School Health Program  which includes a prevention plan for diabetes, hypertension and obesity.  CME program, and Awareness Shows by Heal Dramatics. He also told about workshops organized for training of doctors in different cities under the society. He briefed the audience about the conference. It is the fourth of its kind and first time in history that parallel sessions on Medicine, Gynecology, and Pediatrics & ENT Endocrinology were conducted so that doctors from every specialty can satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

This was followed by address of the Patron Principal Punjab Medical College Prof. Dr. Riaz Hussain Dab in which he briefed the audience about the new research and development projects in Punjab medical college and affiliated hospitals.

Chief Guest Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shera delivered his state of the art lecture on the “Major Global Challenges in Control of Diabetes Mellitus and Its Impact in Diabetes Mellitus Care”. His presentation was studded with beautiful quotes, verses and witty remarks. His adorable personality won the hearts of the audience. At the end of his lecture, the hall was echoing with the applause which lasted for more than five minutes.

Shield distribution ceremony took place. Prof. Dr. Riaz Hussain Dab presented the shield to chief guest Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shara. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal presented chief guest with his portrait which was an artistic handmade sketch of Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shera and his wife Prof. Dr. Noor Jahan by a final year medical student as a tribute to his great personality. Final year students also presented a special shield to Prof. Dr. A. Samad Shera which was made in gray and white colors the theme of juvenile diabetes mellitus. They were also dressed in gray and white at this moment to raise the awareness regarding juvenile diabetes mellitus. Special cash prizes of worth Rs: 25000/- were given to Prof. Dr. Javaid Iqbal from Mew Hospital and special consolation prize to medical student Miss Kheyal Azam Khalil from SIMS for their original research work.

On the concept of diabetes, three competitions were arranged at the pool side. These include, Poem, Flowers competition and Poster Competitions to promote awareness of diabetes among common people.

It was followed by tea and prayer break. Participants enjoyed a good snack at Bahar Court Serena Hotel.

Post break sessions consisted of state of the at lectures by Prof. Dr. Jaffar Naqvi(Renal Failure), Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif Kan( Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management Goals- Current Updates) and Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit(Primary Prevention Of Diabetes Mellitus). During this, children came up with a variety of programs in which they tried to raise awareness about diabetes.

Public awareness session was held for people with diabetes where they were provided with satisfactory answers to their questions and a handful of information about the diabetes control.

Candle light walk was held in Serena hotel in which doctors about 3000 people participated as a sign of their struggle against the disease.

At the end of the day, everyone reached saffron pharmaceuticals where a very delicious meal and star studded musical night was arranged for the participants. Famous singer Ali sher, Fozia Hassan and Anwar Rafi entertained the audience. It was a family function and people enjoyed the event. Energy and enthusiasm of the audience was worth watching. It will be remembered as a memorable day by all the participants.

Posted on Jun 11, 2011
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