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Dr Pieche Sergio’s visit to Punjab Medical College with a research proposal from WHO.

         It’s a matter of great pride for an institution that it collaborates with World Health Organization (WHO) in an international research study. This pride goes to Punjab Medical College when WHO officials Dr Pieche Sergio & Dr Khizar Tauseef Ashraf visited Punjab Medical College to collaborate in a study that is granted to the institution through Provincial Poison Control Centre, established by the Federal Ministry of Health with the technical support of WHO.

The Principal investigator in the study will be Head of Medicine Department & In charge Poison Control Centre, Prof Zahid Yasin Hashmie. Co-Investigator 1 will be the Head of Pediatrics Department, Prof Asghar Butt & Co-Investigator 2 will be the Coordinator Poison Control Centre & Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Department, Dr Khurram Sohail Raja. Study will be conducted in Department of Pediatrics.

Once concluded successfully, new opportunities will be awaiting for the staff members of Punjab Medical College & this was appreciated by Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Riaz Hussain Dub who received the WHO officials on 7.6.2011. He presented the guests with the research activities in the institute.

The WHO officials had marathon sessions of discussions with the investigators & the doctors of the Pediatrics department & Dr Muhammad Irfan for the micro-planning of the research proposal from June 7th to June 9th 2011.

They also visited the Pediatrics department where Prof Asghar Butt showed them various sections of the department including ICU for the children.

Prof Riaz Hussain Dub took keen interest in the discussions & attended the concluding session to assure the guests that the institute will be ready to grab the prestigious opportunity offered by WHO. The guests thanked Prof Riaz Hussain Dub & all the participants for their motivation & interest in the proceedings.


Posted on Jul 05, 2011
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