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Training Workshop by World Health Organization (WHO) in Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, Pakistan

            WHO team comprising of Dr Pieche Sergio & Dr Khizar Tauseef Ashraf conducted a 5 days training workshop of the research investigators, doctors, nurses & the computer operators, from October 10th to October 14th in PMC Faisalabad. The title of the international study is .. “Validation of clinical predictors of severity of accidental poisoning from hydrocarbons in children below 5 years old” and it has been awarded to PMC through Emed's project of 'Provincial Poison Control Centre' in Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Research investigators are:

* Prof Zahid Yasin Hashmie (Principal Investigator)
(Head of Medicine & Incharge Poison Control Centre)

* Prof Asghar Butt (Co-Investigator)
(Head of Pediatrics Department)

* Dr Khurram Sohail Raja (Co-Investigator)
(Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine & Toxicology & Coordinator Poison Control Centre)

The WHO team previously visited for the same study in June 2011. Visit:

Day One: WHO team of Dr Pieche Sergio & Dr Khizar Tausaeef Ashraf were warmly received by the INVESTIGATORS of the study including Prof Zahid Yasin Hashmie, Prof Asghar Butt & Dr Khurram Sohail Raja.

Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Riaz Hussain Dub delivered the opening remarks after he recited from Holy Quran. The focus of the 1st day was the introduction of the study to 4 medical physicians with 2 supervisors from Pediatrics ward together with 4 staff nurses & 1 computer operator.

It was followed by the consultation of various forms about child's details, vital signs, and pulse oxymetry. Lastly there was clinical practice in the Pediatrics ward on the vital signs.

The WHO team found the 1st day very encouraging as far as the response from the doctors & other staff was concerned.

Day Two: From 8:30 am to 2:00 pm, the doctors & the nursing staff were trained in the consultation forms, specific history taking & the CONSENT FORM. It was thoroughly discussed with a role play.

Post-tea session was for the neurological signs of the lethargic, unconscious & a restless child. It had video demonstrations & video exercises.

The last session was on the clinical practice of the neurological signs in the ward. The team of 6 doctors from the Pediatric ward including Dr Saif Ullah, Dr Zafar Fayyaz, Dr Salman, Dr Saad, Dr Qaiser Zia & Dr Sameera together with the 4 nurses showed lots of interest & motivation in the proceedings.

Day Three: The research study Physicians were trained on the 3rd day on Modified Glasgow Coma Scale. Dr Saif Ullah explained the scale which was then complemented by Dr Sergio.

This was followed by two hours exercise on the scale in the Pediatrics ward for the doctors & the staff nurses.

The last session was a marathon exercise on filling the research performa with the details given by Dr Pieche Sergio & Dr Khizar Ashraf.

Day Four: Day started with a meeting between Dr Sergio, Dr Khizar & Dr Khurram Raja, & the supervisors of the study. All the SOPs were laid down for them to re-examine the patients, form filling, checking, counter checking & data entry in the computer.

Computer operator & study physicians were introduced with the software specially designed for data collection & data entry & practicing it.

Principal Punjab Medical College Prof Riaz Hussain Dub specially joined the session for a while & had tea with the participants. He termed the study as a great achievement & matter of pride for the institution & assured all his help for the researchers.

Day Five: The last day of the training workshop by the WHO officials comprised of data entry exercises on the computer. All the 4 study physicians including Dr Salman, Dr Saad, Dr Qaiser Zia & Dr Sameera practiced the software specially designed for the purpose.

The concluding session was of the feedback taken by the facilitators in which the PMC doctors were confident to carry out the study successfully.

* "The facilitators carried out the training activity very successfully & we are pretty sure of our improved skills now" ... Prof Asghar Butt

* "In the start of the workshop I had big question marks about various aspects of the study but with the passing time, all the question marks settled one by one" .. Dr Khurram Raja

Dr Pieche Sergio was quite satisfied with the performance of the participants & hoped a smooth sailing of the study in the coming days.

Posted on Nov 16, 2011
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