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Coordinated School Health Program

Session on “Healthy Lifestyle” in Usama Bin Zaid Public School Faisalabad.

           Emed members from 3rd year MBBS Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. Including
Miss Sonia Aslam, Miss Zaheera Qamar, Miss Farzana Nazeer, Miss Sarah Akram, Miss Iqra Farooq & Mr Nauman organized a session on healthy life style for the teachers & students of Usama Bin Zaid Public School on the occasion of their sports day on 8.1.2012.

Starting the session, Miss Sonia Aslam, introduced Emed with its objectives & recent activities. She told the audience that Emed is an ideal health team comprising of all the 5 components including doctors, students, nurses, paramedics & public. She continued the activity by highlighting the significance of exercise in our lives & the importance of ’30 minutes walk daily’ in the prevention of serious diseases.

Miss Zaheera Qamar stressed on taking balanced diet & its role in maintaining health & prevention of diseases. She laid down the importance of breakfast in school going children. Miss Iqra Farooq told about the hazards of fast food & cold drinks on the health of the children.

It was followed by skits presentation by the kids which was well coordinated by Miss Sarah Akram, Miss Farzana Nazeer & Mr Nauman. Parents attending the annual sports day termed the Emed health education activity as very informative & the school administration has issued a letter of appreciation & thanks for the Emed team.

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Posted on Feb 06, 2012
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