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Activity on “Importance of 1st Aid Assistance for School Going Children” in Government Girls High School Sheikh Colony, Faisalabad.

         The Emed members from 3rd year MBBS, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, organized an activity on “the importance of 1st Aid for the school going children” in Government Girls High School Sheikh Colony on 4.2.2012.

Emed members including Sonia Aslam, Sahar Hayat, Farzana Nazeer, Zaheera Qamar & Sarah Akram divided the activity in following sections to give a clear concept to the children:

·         1st aid assistance in fractures occurring in accidents

·         1st aid assistance in hemorrhages occurring in accidents

·         1st aid assistance in burn cases

·         1st aid in cases of poisoning

·         1st aid kit for the schools

Sonia Aslam introduced Emed with its objectives & displayed a case of accident with multiple fractures & what 1st aid can be given to the case with special reference to the position of the body. Students of various classes took part in the demonstrations.

Sahar Hayat demonstrated 1st aid on the bleeding case resulting from an accident. After the demonstration students were able to apply pressure bandage in case of massive bleeding.

Burn cases were the next in the list which was very effectively demonstrated by Farzana Nazeer. She also delivered various points that can differentiate various degrees of burns.

Zaheera Qamar selected few children as the victims of an accidental poisoning & how they can be assisted to save life of the children. That included different poisoning cases depending on their route of absorption.

Sarah Akram described various things that constitute a 1st aid kit necessary for a school. She demonstrated all the things. Principal of the school, all the staff members & students from different classes participated in the activity & were particularly thankful to all Emed members for delivering such a vital information for the students which can be life saving on many occasions.

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Posted on Mar 07, 2012
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