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“Working Women Day 2012” Celebrated in Faisalabad”

“The celebration of National Working Women’s Day, on December 22, acknowledges women who engage in work of all types in our country. They have entered the workforce in spite of adverse circumstances. Thus, while we express our pride in the women who succeeded in opening doors for other women, we must also reflect on the difficulties they continue to face”


Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shehbaz Sharif directed to celebrate the day in all districts & District Coordination Officer (DCO) Faisalabad, Chaudhry Mohammad Amin, organized Working Women Day celebrations in Nusrat Fateh Ali Auditorium on 17.12.2012. On the occasion, a big get together of women from all walks including college students, NGO representatives, lady politicians, police women, lady lawyers & lady teachers were invited.

MNA Mrs Khalida Mansoor was the Chief Guest while, President E-Women, Assistant Professor Dr Humaira Arshad  was the Guest of Honor along with MPAs from Puinjab Assembly, Mrs Anjum Safdar & Dr Ghazala Yasmeen.

The Chief Host & Organizer, DCO Faisalabad welcomed the guests & highlighted the objectives of the celebrations.

“The struggle for equal pay for the same work needs to be highlighted. In many areas of central and south Punjab, the daily wage of a woman farm worker, e.g., a cotton picker, is exactly half that of a man who picks the same amount of cotton. In addition, private as well as government employers have been quite miser in giving women their rightful benefits under the law for maternity leave, sick leave and promotions”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Humaira Arshad added,

“The list of pressing issues faced by working women will never be reduced until our political parties recognise that women’s issues are not just petty complaints. The constraints faced by one-half of the electorate affect the progress of the entire nation. Simply because they have been ignored over the decades does not mean that they are not vital to our nation’s economic health. After seeing the broad appreciation shown for some gains made during these past five years, no party can afford to ignore women’s issues any longer. The debates during the coming electoral campaign will need to be real and the proposals will need to be concrete”

Chief Guest Mrs Khalida Mansoor appreciated DCO Faisalabad for organizing the occasion & appreciated Dr Humaira Arshad on the efforts of Emed & E-Women for serving people in health & women rights. She added,

“Among the positive steps already taken, the laws against sexual harassment stand out. This legislative package not only addressed the issues in the organised workplaces, but also stamped the legitimacy of women to enter all work and public spaces. Despite years of militancy and chauvinism aimed at pushing women behind the four walls of their homes, they have continued to assert their right to be economically active citizens. Although still in process, the implementation of these laws has shown concrete results”


Posted on Jan 01, 2013
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