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“ EMED-APPNA-MEDWISH Joint Donation Project”

        It was mid 2012 when APPNA doctors from Ohio (USA) contacted Emed doctors & discussed in detail about a prestigious project. “Pakistani doctors in USA want to donate to their country & to their parent institutions but problem is to find trust-worthy people. American government & people have concerns that things disappear in Pakistan... Can Emed help us??”

  APNNA wanted to donate medical machinery, of great utility, to Punjab Medical College/Allied/DHQ Hospitals, on regular bases but they wanted a platform which can control things once the machinery reaches Pakistan, can store it, distribute it properly & can give feed back on its utility & use.

   Emed’s Executive Council discussed the project. Prof Ahmed Bilal, Prof Hina Ayesha, Prof Sajid Sheikh, Prof Javed Iqbal, Dr Zahid Masood, Dr Mohammad Aslam & Dr Humaira Arshad, all wanted to proceed with it, though it was assignment of great responsibility. After marathon discussions, Emed gave green signal to APPNA.

   Later, in a meeting between APPNA’s Dr Amjad Sheikh & Dr Muzammal Habib & Emed’s Executive Council in Allied Hospital Faisalabad, Standard Operative Procedures (SOP’s) were laid down & approval of Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Zahid Yasin Hashmie was taken.

    Medical Machinery left USA on December 17th 2012 & reached Karachi port on January 25th 2013. It reached its destination (Faisalabad port on February 7th 2013) where it got off-loaded in Punjab Medical College stores under the custody of Emed.

The consignment included the following machinery:





Dental X-Ray Unit


Electrical Hospital Beds


Hospital Bed Mattresses


Overhead OR Lights


Vital Signs Monitors


Ultrasound Machine


Ophthalmic Review Lamp/Slit Lamp


Manual Obstetrical Gurneys


Table Top Autoclave


Gooseneck Outpatient Procedure Lights


I/V Poles





Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Zahid Yasin Hashmie called a meeting of Medical Superintendent Allied Hospital, Dr Rashid Maqbool & DHQ Hospital, Dr Arif Ali, who in the presence of Emed General Secretary, Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, distributed the machinery according to the needs of their hospitals.

Meanwhile, APPNA’s representative from USA, Dr Khalid Waseem & local representative, Dr Ilyas Shakir visited the stores & inspected the place & record of the medical machinery. They found the proceedings satisfactory.

Now the equipment is lifted to their respective wards in the hospitals & poor patients are taking full advantage of this service to the mankind.

Emed doctors hope that they will be bale to send periodic reports & feedback to the APPNA (Ohio) Centre & on the basis of those reports, a regular supply of the machinery will be maintained. May ALLAH help all those working on this “Small Payback to Pakistan” Ameen.



Posted on Mar 19, 2013
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