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For every organization foundation day is of historic importance. Environment & Medicine (e Med) kicked off thirteen year back with the bunch of fellow doctor to address the health & education related issues through sustainable awareness campaigns free medical camps, help government in situations like flood and earthquake. Alhamdulillah! After thirteen years this social welfare organization has over 13000 members across the globe. Its core hierarchy consists of very articulate well known doctors, professors’ educationists’ agriculturists’ engineers business managers and lawyers. Its strength lies in the members who are always on fore front to address the environment and health related issues. It has collaboration with many national and international welfare organizations. Members of “eMed” have firm belief that best way to pay back to own home country is to exponentially increase the process of advocacy, communication and social mobilization for universal education, environmental sanitation and community services. Whether it was flood, earth quake situation, or community services its members and students lived up to the reputation of e Med. To mark the 13th foundation day a family function of e Med (eMed family) was organized on April 5, 2015 in a local banquet hall. It provided a wonderful platform for member’s family to know how sincerely and firmly members were committed to the cause. Professor Dr Zahid Masood Khan took responsibility of anchor. He introduced the members who in fact work day in and day out for e Med. It included Professor Dr Ahmad Bilal Professor Dr Khurram Raja Dr Humera Mr. Waseem Sheikh and Mr. Tariq Mushtaq. Audience highly appreciated the meritorious services of these members. Special guests were also invited to reflect, this included Dr Ehsan Ul Haq who was appreciative of the services being rendered by eMed. Further Professor Dr Altaf Pervaiz, Professor Dr Anjum Mehdi Dr Ch Yaseen and Mr Aziz Mehmood (Canada) also expressed their views. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony and dinner. Last segment of the program was fairly & squarely dominated by stunning performance by Ustad Raees Ahmad on violin. Melodeons tunes played by Ustad Raees mesmerized the audience. He responded to requests for tunes by our guests. The program of request tunes was stopped after it was 01.00 am in morning and Ustad Raees informed that he had to officially perform in Prime Minister’s house that afternoon. His performance was thorough appreciated by audience. Ustad pledged that offer listening to meritorious services rendered by e Med that would love to come to Faisalabad whenever office bearers of e Med forward a request to him. Ustad Raees is only Pakistani violinist who has been decorated with numerous national & international awards. This includes Pride of performance, PTV Award, Radio Pakistan Award, European Awards and many others. His performance clearly justified his command on this music. Ustad Raees mostly perfumed in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Middle Fast. It was his first ever performance in Faisalabad. It would not be just if the appreciation from audience is not acknowledged especially Dr Ehsan Ul Haq, Prof & Mrs. Mehdi Raza, Prof & Mrs. Ahmad Bilal, Prof & Mrs. Khurram Raja Prof & Mrs. Javed Iqbal, Prof Anjum Mehdi, Mr. Israr Dr Ishaq Dr Akmal Mr. & Mrs. Azhar Aziz, Mr. & Mrs. Omer Idrees, Mr. Sajid, Mr. Ibrar Mr. Abid Masood Mr. Rashid Masood and Mr. Jilani. Program started at 8:00 pm. It was nearly half past one past midnight when this unforgettable event in an absorbing ambience ended leaving behind glorious memories of the event. It was decided that similar program would be organized in 2016 on the foundation day.

Posted on Sep 29, 2015
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