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On the request of newly elected Honorary Secretary Chenab Club, Dr Ijaz Hussain Shah, eMed organized a health camp which was the 1st event of its kind in the history of Chenab Club Faisalabad. The camp is scheduled for 3 days, December 20th to 22nd 2013 & today was the 1st day.

Members of the club & their families gave a very good response & showed their sensitivity to health education by undertaking all the tests offered in the camp, including sugar, cholesterol, hepatitis B & C, serum calcium, obesity, nutrition & a stall by Al-Razi labs.

A batch of seasoned & senior doctors from Punjab Medical College under the supervision of Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, Dr Zeeshan Chughtai, Dr Yasir Yaqoob & Dr Syed Ali Raza supervised screening & specialist advice to the visitors.

Dr Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah & Dr Zafar Ullah Saleemi remained in the camp & showed warm hospitality to the doctors & other staff members.

According to the results on the 1st day, 50% of the visitors were found to have high cholesterol, 40% had high sugar, 60% had low calcium & 80% had low vitamin-D levels. But fortunately no visitor was detected as Hepatitis B or C positive which is quite heartening.


Positive message travels so fast & it was true reflection of the saying as tree times more members of the club visited the camp with their families. It had to end at 6:00 PM but due to rush, time had to be extended to 7:15 PM & still there were visitors asking for more time.

Batch was doctors included, Dr Munazza Khan, Dr Talha Hafeez, Dr Zaheer Ahmad, Dr Tamim Tahir, Dr Sajeel Ismail & were supervised by Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, Dr Jahanzeb Iftikhar & Dr Syed Ali Raza.

An additional service was given by specialist dietician, RD Binish Asad who catered heavy rush of counseling seekers & were satisfied after consultant advice on their diet plans.

Following the same patterns of yesterday’s results, 80% of the visiting Chenab Club had increased cholesterol levels & more than 50% were detected as high sugar levels. Again, no member was detected as Hepatitis B or C positive but majority were deficient in calcium & vitamin-D.

DAY 3 (Last Day)

Chenab Club members kept pouring in all the time & the camp had to be extended for almost three hours & still at 9:00 PM, members were present asking for the tests & the medical advice.

The pattern of the tests did not differ from the previous two days & high cholesterol & sugar levels were the hallmark of the screening tests but with the added facility of BMD test (Bone Mineral Density) revealed weak bones, especially in the ladies.

RD Binish Asad had a very busy time counseling the visitors on the dietary plans. Focusing on the ‘Healthy Life Style’, Prof Zahid Masood Khan & Prof Ahmed Bilal addressed a big number of members in an interactive session. Moderating the session, Dr Ijaz Hussain Shah, welcome two members of Punjab Provincial Assembly (MPAs), Mrs Madiha Rana & Mrs Surriya who attended the session as Guest of Honors.

Prof Zahid & Prof Bilal focused balanced diet & the audience were amazed to learn that they were un-aware of even minor tips to healthy life style.

Talking on the occasion, MPAs, Mrs Madiha & Mrs Suriya said that from today on, they are more educated on the need of preventive medicine & will talk on that in the parliament & will advocate for eMed to be very effective platform of starting some program on the city levels.

Dr Ijaz Shah awarded souvenir shields to Prof Bilal, Prof Zahid & Dr Khurram Raja & thanked all the eMed members on their motivation & volunteer services for the community.

While visiting the camp, Honorary Secretary Chenab Club took feed back from the visiting members who appreciated him a lot for organizing such health related event in the club & offered them opportunity to have a selfless medical advice from highly motivated team of doctors.


Posted on Jan 15, 2014
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