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Coordinated School Health Program


“The continuous use of non-healthy diet is destroying the health & energy levels of our youth” …. Prof Ahmed Bilal. “With eMed’s co-operation, we are determined to give better health education to our children, teachers & parents” …. Headmistress Junior Section, Mrs Shaista Bukhari. ________________________________________________ eMed took volunteer charge of health education of the youth & children, 13 years back & it’s still educating them to the best of their capacity. Under its ‘Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP), eMed teachers, Prof Ahmed Bilal, Dr Khurram Raja & Dr Zaheer Ahmad had an impressive session on ‘healthy lifestyle’, in The City School, Chenab Campus, Faisalabad, on Wednesday, 30.9.2015, on the request of the Principal of the School, Mrs Asma Amer & Headmistress of the Junior Section, Mrs Shaista Bukhari. Dr Khurram Raja introduced eMed to the teachers, parents & little kids of the school, ranging in the age between 4-6 years. Prof Ahmed Bilal, in his miraculous style, had tremendous effect on the audience when he provided them with the best health tips of the era. He emphasized on balanced diet, personal hygiene & general physical activity. The role play on ‘How to wash hands?’ by Prof Bilal & Dr Zaheer Ahmad, was the hallmark of the session. Session was followed by an interactive question-answer session in which parents & teachers were more interested in asking questions about the breakfast of their children, edibles available in the school canteen, children’s sitting postures in the class, time allocation for them in front of TV & computers, hazards of cold drinks & junk food & how to delay chronic hereditary diseases in the families. Concluding the session, the Principal & Headmistress were all appreciation & gratitude for eMed teachers who always volunteer their services for health & environment education. The student kids presented flowers & their loving remarks on a card, for the eMed teachers.

Posted on Oct 04, 2015
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