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DR ZAHEER AHMAD, DR JAHANZEB IFTIKHAR, DR MOHAMMAD ABDULLAH, DR SADIA & DR ADEEBA SENSITIZED & TRAINED THE INTERESTED PARTICIPANTS VERY EFFECTIVELY. Global organization Environment & Health (eMed) & Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) have devised & launched a training program on immediate cardiac response, for all walks of community. This program is for the “Medical care for victims of life threatening illnesses or injuries until they reach hospital”. This covers road traffic accidents, earthquake, bomb blasts & all sort of medical emergencies. This prestigious & useful program will reach: • Students • Undergraduate & post-graduate doctors • Nurses • Paramedics • Police • Traffic police • Rescue 1122 • Media men • Multinational companies • Business men • Teachers • Bankers • And all other walks of life. The program successfully proceeding & the training workshop was organized for the staff members of Habib Bank Limited, on 3.10.2015, in the Department of Forensic Medicine, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. Master Trainers of Immediate Cardiac Response (ICR) were the eMed doctors, Dr Zaheer Ahmad, Dr Jahanzeb Iftikhar, Dr Mohammad Abdullah, Dr Sadia & Dr Adeeba while the participants were led by their Regional General Manager Operations, Mr Abdul Wahab Rana. The doctors laid down the objectives of the workshop very clearly. They told the participants about the ‘barrier devices’ which help in maintaining artificial respiration of the injured or the sick. They also sensitized on the 1st aid measures taken in case if any ‘foreign body’ sticks in the respiratory tract. The doctors specifically stressed on the safety of the patient as well as the responder. The participants showed special interest in ‘silent heart attack’, its sign & symptoms & what 1st aid measures can be taken in the case. Participants while learning ‘adult chain of survival’ & ‘infant chain of survival’ were found very enthusiastic & vowed to take advantage of that in future. Master Trainers had very successful group training sessions in which participants were able to learn & demonstrate how to maintain artificial respiration and what steps can be taken for heart if it stops (CPR). The session on ‘choking of the airway due to a foreign body’ specially took all interest from the participants who prolonged the session & practiced the methods effectively on each other. Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, Associate Professor, 0321-6503456

Posted on Oct 04, 2015
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