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eMed GOES ….. e-GREEN.

It was Prof Ahmed Bilal’s initiative that resulted in a plantation drive among the students of The City School under eMed’s project of “e-Green”. The activity was organized on Wednesday, 18.11.2015 when Prof Ahmed Bilal, Dr Khurram Raja & Dr Jahanzeb Iftikhar visited The City School to monitor the plantation done by the school students under the charge of the Principal The City School, Mrs Asma Amer, who is a very keen observer to give maximum exposure to the students of her school in all the healthy aspects of life. “Our groups of children come forward for a good deed towards mother nature and mankind. They will plant trees under supervision of their teachers. In this way each little angel gave back mother earth a very beautiful gift. And along with created a better world and a better tomorrow for all of us”, Mrs Asma Amer said. Prof Ahmed Bilal, on behalf of eMed told that there will be a 6-month follow up of the planted trees and children will win prizes on the growth of these trees.

Posted on Nov 19, 2015
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