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"Dr Zafar Hussain Taskeen, Dr Khurram Raja, Dr Kaukab Shakeel, Dr Mohammad Irfan, Dr Hooria Amer & 2nd Year eMed Members PMC were present on the occasion". Its tradition of many years that global platform of health & environment, eMed is introduced to the new medical students every year. And teachers & senior students take pride to address the students on the occasion. This year, very graciously, Head of Physiology Department, Prof Zafar Hussain Taskeen, who is an active eMed member himself permitted to present eMed during Physiology lecture time of Dr Hooria Amer. Senior Teacher of Anatomy Department, Dr Kaukab Shakeel who was kind enough to grace the session was also there when Dr Khurram Raja, Dr Mohammad Irfan & eMed Class Coordinators of 2nd year PMC presented & projected eMed philosophy, objective and activities. "Everyone of us has to pay back to Pakistan who has given us identity, respect, profession, good life & a sound future", said Dr Khurram Raja. "Platform like eMed has played a great role in my life in attaining whatever I am today", was the thinking of Assistant Professor Dr Irfan. "eMed has given a positive identity to our institution:, said Dr Zafar Taskeen. 2nd year eMed members advised new students to indulge in constructive & academic activities during their studentship. They told them to go for positive platform like eMed which will be beneficial in their future life. With the help of eMed, they will be good doctors & good human beings too. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR PHYSIOLOGY, DR HOORIA AMER & CONSULTANT ENT SPECIALIST & VETERAN ANATOMY TEACHER, DR KAUKAB SHAKEEL JOIN eMed. eMed Family welcomes this new inclusion and declare it as a big honor and prestigious inclusion among the ranks. Dr Mohammad Irfan was introduced as 1st eMed Student Member & youngest General Secretary of Pakistan Medical Association, Faisalabad.

Posted on Dec 10, 2015
  • Emed becomes 1st platform to provide on-line & off-line health & environment related services to its end users. ->