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PROF HINA AYESHA & HER TEAM TRAINED THE PEDIATRICS & GYNE DOCTORS IN A COMMENDABLE HAND-ON TRAINING SESSION. Punjab Medical Alumni’s Annual Get-together is around the end of the week & marking its start, In charge of Pediatrics Ward in DHQ Hospital Faisalabad organized an academic & training session on Juvenile Resuscitation, to the doctors of Pediatrics & Gyne Ward. The training session was held today, Wednesday, 23.12.2015, in collaboration with eMed’s & APPNA’s Immediate Cardiac Response project. Prof Hina Ayesha started the training session with introduction to the ‘Principles & steps of Resuscitation’, which was followed by a session from Dr Zahid on ‘Positive pressure ventilation’. Dr Sadia covered the training session on ‘Endotracheal intubation’. All the doctors received hand-on training in three small groups. Finally, Prof Hina Ayesha summarized on drugs used during resuscitation & special steps taken in ‘Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia’, ‘Meconium aspiration’ & ‘Pier Robin Syndrome’. The feedback of the doctors was very good. They said they had never had a chance to receive such hand-on training session before. Dr Khurram Raja, on behalf of eMed & APPNA, thanked Prof Hina Ayesha & her motivated team to organize an academic session on the occasion of Annual get together of PMC Alumni & he advised doctors to practice the methods they learnt, as much as they can because only then, they will be able to save some precious life. The participants received certificates at the end of the session.

Posted on Jan 11, 2016
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