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ADVISORS MET UNDER THE CHAIRMANSHIP OF CHIEF PATRON eMed TO RELEASE “eMed WORKINGCALENDAR 2016”. ALL MAIN STREAM CONSULTANT DOCTORS OF THE CITY ANALYZED THEIR PEFORMANCE IN eMed DURING THE YEAR 2015. eMed Advisors Council met on Saturday, 9.1.2016 at Gaba Heart Centre, under the Chairmanship of Chief Patron eMed, Prof Mohammad Saeed. The meeting was attended by galaxy of doctors: • Prof Mohammad Saeed, Dean Medical & Allied Health Sciences, University Medical & Dental College Faisalabad. (Chairman) • Prof Ahmed Bilal, Head of Medicine, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. • Prof Mohammad Sajid Sheikh, Head of Surgery, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. • Prof Hina Ayesha, In charge Pediatrics Ward, DHQ Hospital. • Prof Javaid Iqbal, In charge Surgical Unit-II, Allied Hospital. • Prof Rubina Ali, In charge Gynecology Ward, DHQ Hospital. • Prof Mohammad Aslam, Head of Forensic Medicine, University Medical & Dental College Faisalabad. • Prof Zahid Masood Khan, Head of Community Medicine, University Medical & Dental College Faisalabad. • Dr Habib Aslam Gaba, Cardiologist, Gaba Heart Centre. • Dr Humaira Arshad, Associate Professor Forensic Medicine, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. • Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, Associate Professor Forensic Medicine, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. • Dr Mohammad Falakgir, In charge Blood Bank, Allied/DHQ Hospitals. • Dr Jahanzeb Iftikhar, Medical Unit-I, Allied Hospital. • Mr Mohammad Ismail, City Traffic Police, Personal Staff Officer, SSP City. • Mr Tariq Mushtaq, Tempo Departmental Store. • Mr Raja Manan, Allied Group of Schools. • Mr Waseem Siddique, Business Community. • Mr Mian Israr, Business Community. • Mr Zeeshan Farooqi, DHQ Hospital. Meeting was hosted by Dr Habib Aslam Gaba at his newly built workshop room by his organization MEET. Dr Gaba welcomed the guests & participants while General Secretary eMed Dr Khurram Raja presented the events organized in 2015. This was followed by release of a well discussed & planned, eMed working calendar for the year 2016. All the participants gave suggestions & comments on the events of the coming year. President eMed, Prof Ahmed Bilal thanked all the advisors for taking their time out for the important meeting & invited Prof Mohammad Saeed for his final comments. Chief Patron eMed & Chairman of the meeting, Prof Mohammad Saeed said, “I appreciate the good work done by all eMed teachers & students & hope they will progress further. I advise that to strengthen an organization, the good work should be projected & deficiencies in the members should be ignored. I also advise that by following the teachings of our prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (may peace be upon him), we should feel the pain of ailing community & should treat them taking it as a duty from Allah. That’s the way to prosperity & success”.

Posted on Jan 11, 2016
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