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“MY PROJECT OF “PMC HOUSE” IS A PAYBACK TO MY INSTITUTION” … Said President APPNA (PMC Wing), Dr Amjad Ghani. FACULTY MEMBERS APPRECIATED HIS SERVICES.STEPS TAKEN TOWARDS NEW COLLABORATIONS. On the invitation of Principal Punjab Medical College, Prof Sardar Mohammad Al-Fareed Zafar, President APPNA (PMC Wing), Dr Amjad Ghnai Sheikh addressed the Academic Council Punjab Medical College on Saturday, 2.4.2016. Dr Fareed Zafar welcomed the honorable guest in very high words of appreciating his services that he has heard of & explored various fields as electives for the undergraduates of PMC in USA, regular lectures from APPNA speakers through video-conferencing, training courses of PMC faculty members on latest medical equipment as robot-surgery, provision of medical equipment & publishing of research articles of APPNA doctors in Annals of PMC. Talking on the occasion, Dr Amjad Ghani expressed his emotional attachment with his mother institution, his nostalgic memories of the corridors of the college & his project of PMC House in New York City. He elaborated the projects of APPNA in collaboration with eMed as supply of medical equipment, provision of ventilators to Pediatrics department & Immediate Cardiac Response (ICR) training workshops. He reposed his full confidence in eMed & the working team of the doctors on eMed’s helm of the affairs. He agreed to the proposal of the electives program as it’s already agreed with eMed. He agreed to regular lectures too. Prof Fareed Zafar nominated Prof Ahmed Bilal & Dr Khurram Raja to make arrangements of video conferencing for the faculty members. He agreed in Principal on training sessions in USA & research articles too & said that he will discuss the proposals with APPNA Central back in USA. Dr Khurram Raja told the House that in the next PMC Alumni Annual get-together in December 2016, one day CME sessions will be run in collaboration with APPNA doctors. Prof Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar told the guest about his electives program in Psychiatry & the Skype lectures on Psychiatry. Prof Mulazim Hussain Bukhari told about the rating & standard of PMC medical journal, named Annals of PMC. Later Dr Amjad was shown around various developed portions of the campus which is appreciated. Faculty members had photography sessions & selfies while Dr Amjad Ghani planted new plants too. He thanked Principal Punjab Medical College, eMed doctors & all the teaching staff for giving him honor & respect.

Posted on Apr 04, 2016
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