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eMed team comprised of: * Dr Khurram Sohail Raja. * Dr Humaira Arshad (Gynecologist) * Dr Mohammad Naeem (Opthalmologist). * Dr Jahanzeb Iftikhar, Dr Hateem Hassan, Dr Rashid Hanif, Dr Mariya Tahir, Dr Mahum Mohsin, Dr Irfan Zahid & Dr Zeeshan Muzaffar (Medical Unit-1, Allied Hospital). * Dr Waqas Aslam & Dr Usman Zia (Pediatrics, DHQ). * Dr Amna Liaqat (Dental Surgeon). * Zeeshan Farooqi & Zahid Hussain (Pharmacy). * Mohammad Zahid (Refrectionist) Continuing its exemplary tradition of organizing Free Health Camps in needy & poor localities of the city of Faisalabad & its suburbs, eMed organized its recent camp in village Duakhari, Gojra Road, on 6.4.2016. The local coordinator was IT In charge of Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, Miss Aimen Bukhari, whose family has organized 3rd camp in consecutive years & have contributed a lot in understanding the health needs of the area. It’s ironical that the poor population has no access to health facilities & many of the people are hepatitis patients as well as suffering from other common diseases. In the recent camp too, more than 200 people were screened for Hepatitis B & 56 were diagnosed as Hepatitis B positive, in the village & around. An educational session on ‘Hepatitis awareness’ was arranged & people were educated on the preventive aspect of the disease. Similarly, more than 20 people were screened Diabetes positive who didn’t know about the disease before the camp day. Ophthalmologist, Dr Mohammad Naeem told that commonest problem prevailing in the people is refractory problem of eyes & people do not have means to correct refraction as there is no facility available. Dr Khurram Raja appreciated the efforts of Aimen Bukhari & her family for taking regular initiative of organizing eMed camps. He also appreciated the co-operation of Prof Ahmed Bilal, Prof Hina Ayesha, Dr Humaira Arshad, Dr Mohammad Naeem, Dr Ghulam Abbas, Dr Jahanzeb Iftikhar, Dr Amna Liaqat & all the doctors & staff members & for providing doctors & their volunteer services. He also thanked Zeeshan Farooqi & his colleagues & medical students of Punjab Medical College who participated in the camp.

Posted on Apr 11, 2016
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