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“BRAVO DR MOBIN INAM … YOU HAVE REFLECTED TRUE COLOURS OF eMed & FORENSIC DEPARTMENT, PUNJAB MEDICAL COLLEGE” …. DR KHURRAM SOHAIL RAJA. FORENSIC FACULTY HIGHLY APPRECIATED THE SPIRIT, MOTIVATION, INITIATIVE, INNOVATION & PERFORMANCE OF DR MOBIN INAM PAL, HER ENERGETIC STAFF TEAM & HER STUDENTS. “Forensics Day” is a fabulous tradition of Department of Forensic Medicine, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad & the 1st Forensics Day was celebrated in March 2003, where eMed was also officially launched. Since then, it remained a unique academic activity for the undergraduates of the subject of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. Head of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in Khawaja Mohammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot, Assistant Professor, Dr Mobin Inam Pal has done her specialization & remained under training of Prof Ahmad Saeed & Dr Khurram Sohail Raja. So continuing with the healthy tradition, she organized “1st Forensics Day” in Khawaja Mohammad Safdar Medical College, Silakot, on Saturday 21.5.2016, where she invited the Forensic Faculty members & involved the 3rd year MBBS students in the learning process by making Forensic models, adopting various Forensic get-ups and making movies. The Faculty members included Head of Forensic Medicine, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, Prof Ahmad Saeed, Associate Professors Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, Dr Humaira Arshad & Dr Altaf Pervez Qasim from Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, Head of Forensic Medicine, Sahara Medical College, Narowal, Prof Tajammal Chaudhry, Assistant Professor from Gujranwala Medical College, Dr Kishwar Naheed, Head of Forensic Medicine, Islam Medical College Sialkot, Prof Alvina Raja & Head of Forensic Medicine, PGMI Lahore, Dr Pervez Hanif. Principal Khawaja Mohammad Safdar Medical College, Sialkot, Prof Zafar Chaudhry was all praise for Dr Mobin Inam, whom he termed as a ‘gem found for the institution’. Along with the models & get-ups display, Dr Mobin Inam had arranged inauguration of Prof Naseeb R.Awan Museum & Prof Khalid Aziz Lecture Hall. The ribbon cutting ceremony & inauguration was performed by Prof Zafar Chaudhry, Prof Ahmad Saeed & Prof Tajammal Chaudhry. Addressing on the prize distribution ceremony, Prof Zafar Chaudhry stressed other basic sciences departments to organize similar DAYS for their respective subjects. He said that now he will invite district administration, police officials & other guests to visit the floor of Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. Prof Tajammal Chaudhry termed Dr Mobin Inam Pal as best of all the faculty members & praised her innovations & performance. DrMobin Inam credited her training period under the supervision of Dr Khurram Raja in PMC Faisalabad, from where she got her inspirations. The audience tributed her with a standing ovation. General Secretary Pakistan Society of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (PSFMT) Dr Khurram Sohail Raja had a business meeting with the Forensic faculty members after the event. The members discussed the single agenda point of National Conference on Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, in February 2017. It was decided that all the faculty members will be invited to give their opinion on the venue of the Conference. If any Forensic center is willing, conference will be shifted there. Otherwise it will be in Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. For the purpose, a meeting of Faisalabad Faculty members is called on Saturday, 28.5.2016, in Forensic Medicine Department, PMC Faisalabad. Prof Ahmad Saeed thanked Dr Mobin Inam on her dedication & invitation to the Faculty members & appreciated her team of staff & students.

Posted on May 31, 2016
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