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eMed’s PROF RUBINA ALI TAKES THE INITIATIVE TO WORK FOR “HEALTHY MOM & HEALTHY CHILD”. COUTSEY, DISTRICT OFFICER HEALTH (DOH), DR ASIF SHEHZAD, THE SENSITIZING WORKSHOP WAS A NEW AWAKENING IN RURAL HEALTH ISSUES. “Lady Health Visitors are a perfect focus to reduce maternal deaths during pregnancy” …. Prof Rubina Ali. On Thursday, 2.6.2016, eMed organized 1st sensitizing workshop, of its kind, when In charge Gynecology Ward, DHQ Hospital Faisalabad, Prof Rubina Ali & ward doctors, Dr Ghazala & Dr Riffat addressed lady health visitors of Faisalabad city, on “Identification of High Risk Pregnancy” & “Management of Normal Labor”. Master Trainer for the rural staff member, Dr Abid educated the participants on complications of pregnancy, hygienic issues & issues like “How to wash hands”. LHVs were more than happy that for the 1st time, they were found appropriate to be called & trained & the credit went to eMed, which in collaboration with District Officer Health (DOH), Dr Asif Shehzad organized the workshop. LHVs were very keen to ask questions from Prof Rubina Ali. They suggested that there should be a focal person of LHVs at the level of DHQ Hospitals, which can bridge the gap between the primary, secondary & tertiary levels of health care. General Secretary eMed, Associate Professor Dr Khurram Sohail Raja, focused on the philosophy of eMed & praised the motivation & spirit of Prof Rubina Ali behind the workshop. He also thanked Dr Asif Shehzad, Dr Abid, Dr Ghazala & Dr Riffat for their help & cooperation. Medical Superintendent DHQ Hospital, Dr Abdul Rauf distributed certificates & thanked eMed on their initiative.

Posted on Jun 26, 2016
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