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Awareness Diabetes Show & Walk on World Diabetes Day on 14.11.2008

"Diabetes is one of the most chronic diseases of childhood. It can strike children of any age including infants and toddlers. World Diabetes Day focuses on children and adolescents to raise awareness of the diabetes and its impact on children. Every child has a right to a long and healthy life.

  1. No child should die of diabetes.
  2. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is the most common cause of death and disability in children with type 1 diabetes around the world.
  3. Children die because their families cannot afford the medication they need.
  4. Many children with diabetes in developing countries die soon after diagnosis.
  5. Despite modern treatment, over 50% of children with diabetes develop complications 12 years after diagnosis.
  6. More than 200 children develop type 1 diabetes every day.
  7. Diabetes is different for children.
  8. Diabetes affects children of all ages.
  9. All diabetes is on the rise in children.
  10. Diabetes affects children of all ages.
  11. Diabetes is increasing in children and adolescents.
  12. Care for children is best when a multidisciplinary approach is adopted involving health professionals from all areas that concern children.
  13. A child's access to appropriate medication and care should be a right not a privilege.
  14. Diabetes costs more than money.
  15. Children with diabetes can live full, healthy, and productive lives.
  16. Over 50% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented.
  17. Diabetes brings different challenges at different ages.
  18. Diabetes hits the poorest hardest".



November 14th is internationally celebrated as World Diabetes Day & to mark the occasion in Faisalabad, Pakistan, emed & All Pakistan Diabetes & Endocrine Society organized a wonderful event of a diabetes awareness show in primary branch of Beacon house school & an awareness walk in Kohinoor Grammer school.


Prof Ahmad Bilal, Dr Khurram Raja, Dr Faraz Saeed Qureshi, Dr Zahid Masood Khan, Dr Yasir Yaqoob, Dr Mohammad Irfan & Dr Tauseef Iqbal along with the emed members of mobile educational unit of city traffic police, Director Faisalabad Arts Council, Mr Asif Chaudhry & members of Rescue 1122 reached Beacon house school at 8:00 a.m where Principal of the school Mrs Naseem Dogar, Headmistress of the branch Mrs Dure Shehwar Saleem & emed coordinator Mrs Zainab Rafique received them & guided the team to the assembled children who were updated in the dangers & complications of the diabetes & ready with the banners, posters, placards & blue rings showing a sign of 'unite for diabetes'.


The assembled children showed great motivation & determination in fighting against the disease by making circles & raising slogans of unite against diabetes & bring diabetes to light.


The show continued for over 30 minutes in which Prof Ahmad Bilal & Dr Faraz Saeed qureshi highlighted the diabetes disease.


From there the team reached the Kohi Noor grammer school where Principal Mrs Bushra Chaudhry greeted the team with her staff members. More than 300 children with blue bands around their heads, blue paper flowers, posters & placards raising their voice against the dangers of diabetes & tributing emed as a small payback to Pakistan.


The walk started on the track around the school & completed a round in about 20 minutes.


The celebration on world diabetes day was a unique feature in Faisalabad & will definitely take emed ahead on the road to more effective & expanded circles working for health awareness.



Posted on Apr 17, 2009
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